Maybe Mars Presents The XP Sound

by Various Artists



Twelve songs from twelve different artists make up a new compilation titled 'The XP Sound'. At first glance it may appear to be just a normal compilation, but what it conveys is not confined to the songs and their expression. The significance of this record is a snapshot of the underground music scene at a distinct point in time; it captures history. It has nothing to do with the number of audience. In fact, 'The XP Sound' claims that the energy of the songs do not change with the number of listeners, the less audience the more concentrated the energy that's absorbed. For those who haven’t experienced China's underground scene, 'The XP Sound' is the reference, offering a glimpse into a now which is quickly becoming the past. Though this compilation can’t capture everything, all the unrecorded musicians, sounds, audiences, along with all those unrecordable details great and small, will continue with XP.

The majority of these tracks were recorded by Yang Haisong (P.K.14) in July of 2013 at XP. Thanks to the bands!

XP was formed out of the legendary club D-22 as a brand new beginning. Now, after two and half years, it already serves as the base for many young artists and as a locus for Beijing fans of avant-garde music. Michael Pettis, the founder of XP and Maybe Mars, has stated that he "hopes it can be a home for all musicians."


released September 5, 2014

Producer: Yang Haisong


all rights reserved



Maybe Mars 北京市, China

Recording our time. (2007 - now)


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Track Name: The Bedstars - Before And After
Before and after, pleasures gone faster
Maybe hard maybe softer
It's always the same work

Here I come, There I go
Turn on the light
And finish the show

Girl i got a switch in my mind
When it's on,i got a beast in the pants
And it's off once I have my time
All of a sudden i feel
like a piece of shit

Piece of shit

Hunger and thirst
They come in the same way
Get you tight and loose everyday
Track Name: Elenore - Teenager
You have no choice and don’t know why
No matter how hard that you’ve tried

Everybody shouts
Everybody doubts
Everybody eagers to be wild oh driving to be lost

See the body’s fall
Feel the heart is broke
Anyone can take me to a shelter and hide me off the wall

You prepared not to face the fault
As all results you have to afford

Everybody cries
Everybody lies
Everybody struggles all the time oh in the dirty life

Leave it on the ground
Or bring me to your town
Can anybody tell me how to right the wrong

Wu….it’s lust
Wu….it’s love
Wu….it’s life

The city lost the dignity
With all the hates improperly

Everybody fights
Everybody’s tired
Everybody is drunk and lost and mad and so without a line

Leave it on the ground
Or bring me to your town
Can anybody tell me how to right the wrong

Wu….it’s lust
Wu….it’s love
Wu….it’s life
Track Name: Alpine Decline - Industrial/Domestic
Shortly after we landed we began to pay close attention to our vital signs, scrutinizing the changes in our diet, exercising obsessively. Pillars of hot wind slammed our bodies and rubbed sand in our teeth and gums. All around us were the skeletons of buildings in a state of abandoned construction or abandon destruction, their bare cement stained thick gray from the pollution. The earth chewed up along the unfinished edges of the roads, which were themselves wide and ran all the way to the horizons in either direction. Most days the skies and all the air around us was milky white, like we'd stuffed cotton balls in our eyes, like soft wedding veils were draped and threaded between each of us and everything around us.

We felt we could stay physically fit, but the conversation between the molecules of our permeable bodies and those of the outside world disagreed. Soon the backs of our noses and throats felt raw with a chemical sting and we coughed up things in secret that we washed down the drain with the toothpaste. This was The Thing which we were aware of and connected to through our participation with global consciousness, The Thing now rendered fully real and uncontrollable and pathetic. It is the brute with the acute brain injury that dumbly staggers around the room smashing the furniture and glass and dish ware.

We jumped onto bullets whipping in and out of the catastrophe that loomed in the
distance from our home and felt the acceleration of time dragging on our bodies. There was cancer everywhere. The Thing was discussed, reviled, defended, reframed as biology or false religion, reframed as something futuristic. It was ridiculed, cynically discounted and ignored. It was monstrous, terrifying, and unstoppable. I drank poison, kissed glass from the war zones, worked on my trade and felt gassed...”
Track Name: The Dyne - Sun Teeth
爱一天天褪去颜色 love fades its color every day
来对抗万有引力的时间 to against time's gravitation
这守恒的能量让人温暖 the conservation of energy makes people warm
无辜的你我在罪恶里相遇 you and me are innocent, meeting in the sin

注视着太阳的牙齿 watching the sun teeth
注视着太阳的牙齿 watching the sun teeth

爱再一次退去颜色 love faded its color again
继续对抗万有引力的时间 continue to against time's gravitation
这世界随它流变 the world is changing with it
而自我也随它流变 and i myself are also changing with it

注视着太阳的牙齿 watching the sun teeth
注视着太阳的牙齿 watching the sun teeth